Why We Still Remember Him

9a03c70468597e75eea184f8cae70548imgresMore than 2000 years after his death, people throughout the world, by the millions, still remember and honor His birth! Why is that?

Is it because he was a darling little baby born in a manger among the animals, because His mother had neither status nor money to secure a room in the Inn? Or is it because He grew up to be a perfect sinless man, rumored to be the Son of God, himself. Or maybe it was because He was crucified and died to redeem us, though we didn’t really understand it.  It might just have been because he rose from the dead on the third day as He said he would, and later rose to Heaven while believers watched, remembering his promise to return on day to end evil and take us home to our father in Heaven.

Actually we probably remember Him for all these reasons and more. There may even be reasons  we aren’t fully aware of today. Those reasons  are that He is God, and our spirits testify to that within us.

The most powerful proof of His deity does lie in His birth, because in birth He fulfilled over 400 prophecies of his coming and life. For thousands of years beginning in Genesis 3, His coming was predicted with pinpoint accuracy. The circumstances of his conception and birth, the manger, the light for all the world to see, the jealous King who would try to kill Him, all happened exactly as written centuries before.

Prophets had been tortured and given their lives to tell of His coming and that He would save the world from the scourge of wickedness and evil. For hundreds of years they wrote and watched as God had guided them.

And then…here it was, His magnificent  and majestic birth that settled and validated all scripture. This baby came as the savior redeemer of the world and every believer. He came as a gift of GRACE. No one could earn His grandeur, and it was given to us freely, because we are loved. That’s why we remember him still.


2 thoughts on “Why We Still Remember Him”

  1. Cheri, a very good blog we remember not just because we want to we do so because HE A LONE IS REAL. And our LOVE for HIM From manger to CROSS is the strongest testimony we to show our true reason why we do remember. by HIS SPIRIT we REMEMBER, this HOLY CHILD WHO WAS , IS & WILL ALWAYS be the REIGNING KING

  2. Beyond words before His Holiness I gladly receive your blog, Cheri. This Advent time has been the deepest and most preparing time I have ever experienced before. There is so much excitement, so much JOY and so much honest, patiently wait. They say, time is long for one who waits, I agree, but I needed every single day to prepare my heart and my soul and my spirit to receive the most precious Gift that Lord God is giving me, He only Son. ♫♪♥

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