Tweeting God’s Love Ministries Statement of Faith


Adventures in building a worldwide Twitter Ministry!
Adventures in building a worldwide Twitter Ministry!

Tweeting God’s Love Ministries serves nearly 50,000 followers with devotions, prayer, and praise hours to lift the name of Jesus Christ and his Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit who fills and ministers within each believer. We give glory to our Savior for the gift of GRACE he provided through unconditional love and forgiveness for each believer, a gift we could have never earned on our own.

We rely on the Holy Bible as God’s inerrant WORD, spoken by Him to His chosen prophets and communicators.

We support other missions to do Gods good works for His children where we can and are moved by the Holy Spirit to help.

Throughout the year we also organize worldwide events to bring believers together to praise in one accord from every corner of the globe. This has included worldwide Baptisms,  Holy Communion, New Year’s Prayer, Easter Sunrise, and Christmas celebrations. We also work to get Christians coming together around the world to help others in crisis and/or persecution to receive support.

These are the things to which any donations are contributed.

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