Schedules & How-To’s for Twitter Chats

Twitter-Bird1_1024How to Participate in a Twitter Chat:

  1. Add the hastag beginning with # to each tweet and it will go to the chat stream so all can see it.
  2. Find the chat stream and  see all participants’ tweets by entering the hashtag in a search box, or click on it in someone’s tweet and the chat stream will appear.
  3. You must add the hashtag to every tweet for it to be seen by the chat group.
  4. If you participate in chats from it will add the hastag automaticaly for you.  Just enter it once in the bar at the top of the chat room page.

Tweeting God’s Love Weekly Chat Schedule:chat-schedule-2.2-pg-1chat-schedule-2.0-pg-2

4 thoughts on “Schedules & How-To’s for Twitter Chats”

  1. Hello!
    How does the Godschat/bible study work? Do you have to be a member to join study?
    Sorry, I’m confused. Haha (which isn’t hard to do) :)
    Thank you,

    1. You are welcome and invited to join. Just go on Twitter and add #GodsLoveChats to you tweet and we will see you. There are some tips here along with the schedule of chats. Our next chat today is a Prayer Hour for cancer patients #GodsPrayerRoom 4:30pmPDT/7:30pmEDT

  2. Cheri and team, last night in THE WATCHMAN chat I became so thrilled at how GOD used each of us to blend in giving a candid and capsuled loo at each ones heart thoughts on what JESUS means to me. today Saturday I’ll pray a refect on many. as I am thinking of a special type form chat for next friday the 19th Iam still debating the 26th as many will be away for Christmas, may GOD bless each chater Joining Cheri and the Leaders each day.

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