Tweeting God’s Love Ministries Mission

The purpose of Tweeting God’s Love Ministries is to create a safe and inspiring online space where people from around the world of differing tongues and tribes can gather, strengthen their faith, encourage one another’s spirits and bring glory and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ

Through informal as well as scheduled, one-hour chats we proclaim the love and beauty of our Lord, study the Bible, share prayers and praise and share great fun fellowship.  Respect for the name of God and each other is expected.  We invite anyone to join us for fun, fellowship and learning.

6 thoughts on “Tweeting God’s Love Ministries Mission”

  1. Great opportunity to be useful. A person must want counsel for it to be effectual. As you approach people face to face, it’s opportunity to share, plant seed. People are ripe and ready for seed when they take time to enjoy this platform.
    I pray we share more of Holy Bible and Holy Spirit than we do of our person and character.
    Self die.
    Christ live.

  2. Cherie, I am so blessed to have God lead me to your groups on Twitter. I’ve been busy dealing w/my illness and God has really given me a heart for ministry – things are moving quickly! Being a part of your groups/chats, etc is strengthening me daily. I do a lot of “outflow” in my life, and reading all the tweets has filled a space that needed to be filled with some “inflow” and God knew it! Many blessings to you in your ministry & walk with The Lord. Hugs! Linda morales, graceful fight

  3. My witness and prayer request

    My witness:

    My name is Kondepaga Benjiman belonged to Jaggapuram village. I lived
    in the sins in my youth and unaware of God. Beloved god servant
    Bethapudi Devadanam who had been to my village in the year 1982, Nov
    10th to preach the Gospel. That made me to attend the prayer meeting.
    He spoke that the wages of the sin was death and told about salvation
    and added that Jesus Christ was died on the cross for me .and also
    explained about external life. As he referred Romans 8:1,”No
    condemnation to those who are in JESUS CHRIST. Then I confessed my
    sins by this word of God .Then I was baptized and strengthened by his
    leading according to Ephe 6:7 .Then, there was a clear call from JESUS
    to do the ministry. I thank God for saving me. I have been doing His
    ministry by having great burden towards many souls. Everyday I train
    and send many people for His service.

    My request:

    As we have the great burden towards the earning souls to do the
    ministry earnestly, for our team members (35-40). Pray and extend your
    Co-operation towards lending missionary tools like ……. Bibles,
    Pamphlets, Sound system and one Gospel Bus.
    I request you humbly to come to my place and preach among us and see
    the harvest in our area .I pray for you and your ministry.

    Thanking you with prayers,
    Benjiman ministries,
    Edlapadu mandal,
    Guntur dist-522233.
    India. cell no: 919618620546.

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