Hand Me Another Thread! …By Cheri Douglas


Our tapestries appear as chaos from the back.
Our tapestries appear as chaos from the back.

It was one of our routine twitter chats when God seemed to flood my soul with a metaphor I have thought of before. But this time the flood of thoughts came roaring into my mind in fine details. It spoke to so much of my life and the lives of those to whom I have ministered lately, that I had to write it down

Joseph of Nigeria, @Josebeth07, was the chat leader, not to be confused with the Joseph of Egypt that he was teaching about. We looked at the scripture about when Joseph was imprisoned unjustly and the baker was supposed to put in a good word to get him released. The baker didn’t bother, after Joseph had given him the wisdom that helped him get out of prison. Scripture reports, “He had to stay in prison for 2 more years”. Chat leader, Joseph pointed out that we should notice the timeframe.

I began to wonder what he saw in that timeframe, I had never wondered about before. Suddenly I noticed how precise it was, as though it were a requirement spelled out in some grand plan. It didn’t say, “longer” or “for a while” or “a bit longer”. It was a measurable 2 years. And that is exactly what it took.

Suddenly dozens of critical points in my life flashed before me and I could see how precise chaos looks in retrospect, when you can see the unique connections. One event puts you exactly where you need to be, at the time you need to be there to connect with someone or something pivotal that God has placed, through circumstances at exactly the same time. So life becomes a series of coincidences, or as I prefer to think about it, divine appointments.

I began to wonder how these things weave together to make a life and I saw the vision of a huge weaving loom. We gather our thread and come to the loom, only to find that our Father God is there beside us to help weave our tapestry into a life. We begin handing Him the threads we have gathered and the tapestry begins to take shape as we, like little kids, try our best to do it ourselves. Our Father allows us to do our thing and it goes pretty well for a while, with the abilities& talents He has given us.

But one horrible day we see we are out of thread, or a knot pops up and the thread breaks. The pattern begins to change and there are days when we feel thread bare and our box is empty. We have nothing left to give the master weaver to keep the picture going. Others can give us thread from their box, but it doesn’t quite fit in our color scheme, because each tapestry is unique. It is at this time our Father brings out his sparkling box. As he opens it and glowing light fills the darkness as He pulls out his threads of pure gold, silver, and diamond dust. He goes to work weave among the dark and dull colors we’ve added lately. Suddenly we are energized and begin to want to help with His plan. The tapestry begins to be a delightful hobby as our Father brings a song into our hearts and beautiful light into our tapestry.

Even though we love what we are doing weaving our lives with our Master weaver, Up close,it still looks like a lot of chaos more than a work of art. We can see only a mass of hanging strings and knots from our vantage point. Suddenly,  one day, the Master weaver says,”Watch this! Your life has become a reflection of Me and the plan I have had for you. We have made something beautiful together.” He steps in front of the tapestry and for the first time, like a mirror, He reflects the front side of the tapestry back. I saw in my own amazement, it had become a beautiful artistic reflection of Him in me. For the first time I really knew I had purpose and my tapestry showed it, all within the reflections of His love….such awesome Love.

I see the darkest places and remember that’s when I felt He had left me, as I had tried disparately to do the tapestry alone. Oh yes and I remembered another place of darkness when I had been treated unfairly, and was sure the Master was no where to be found. Not quite so dark were the places I wove when life seemed a meaningless mass of threads that I kept pulling out of my box to use aimlessly.

Suddenly I saw it! I saw the beauty of the pure gold threads my Father & master weaver had added. When I was the lowest, had nothing to offer, and was sure he was gone, he took over with his golden threads. Against the dark and dull threads I had woven, his beautiful threads popped in dramatic contrast. The effect of the contrast was to truly bring the tapestry to life…my life. Regardless of what I had had to work with and how I had seemed to mess up sections, God had used everything as backdrop and depth for the beauty he filled in.

Now I see the beautiful picture forming and I see just where God is leading me in this amazing tapestry of my life. I have been given so much talent and instructions to accomplish His plan for my life. But I will never achieve it alone, because for the greatest beauty of all He will be there to fill in for me. He completes all my gaps.

Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope and beauty that is in you. 1Peter3:15

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