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God's Tools for Survival
God’s Tools for Survival

Hello Friends!

There is nothing more important for your family than to learn God’s Word together! It tops college savings!! God’s Word is basic literacy for LIFE!  Don’t leave this important job to anyone else…it’s like packing your own parachute. You want to be sure it is packed to save your life and the lives of your family members.

“Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it “Proverbs 22:6

I pray and minister daily to young people who are depressed and even suicidal. Most of their problems could have been avoided if they had had a strong family practice of learning God’s Word, praying and singing gospel songs together. They NEED to know that the God of the Universe loves them and Jesus died to pay for all their sins and mistakes. It is sad to see how many think they are no longer worthy of God or able to be forgiven.

None of us earns our way to Heaven. Grace for all believers is what Jesus brought to us as an UNCONDITIONAL  gift. Does your family know this? I pray they learn it before temptation and heartache comes. It is so comforting to know, when your children are old enough to go out into the world alone, that they have the wisdom and protection of God tucked away in their hearts and they know what to do with it!

You can make Family Bible and Prayer Power Time fun!!! Sing and dance about it! Just don’t leave it to chance in this terrible evil time in our world. Share the leadership! Kids will love holding everyone accountable. You can rotate titles like Family Choir Director, and Memory Verse Boss of the Week!

I am keeping a list here of the weekly memory verses from my Saturday Morning Family  Devotions on Twitter. I hope you and your families grow rich in God’s Word this year! It’s transformative!One thing I know for sure is that families who learn the Bible and pray together, develop great communications. They know what is on each others hearts.  I am selecting faith building and easy-to-memorize verses.


I recommend the following family sing along songs for learning all the books of the Bible together! Make it a contest ! Put up a chart! Go to a great Christian Concert when everyone has the Books of the Bible memorized!

Sing/Dance/Learn the books of the Old Testament ->

Sing/Dance/Learn the books of the New Testament ->


#1-Be still and know that I am God.                                                       Psalm 26:10

#2-I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

#3-Faith is confidence in what we hope for & assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Thanks for dropping by! Let me know if you find a good tool we should add to the toolbox! HUGS!!

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  1. Hi Cheri

    I think that you have prayed for this little boy before. His name is Maverick. He is six years old and he has cystic fibrosis. He is one of my student’s that I have for tutoring.. He needs prayer because he has pneumonia.

    This is what his Mom posted.
    Maverick was sick over Thanksgiving break and has not felt any better. We took him to the doctor and hey said it looks like pneumonia

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