Distractions …July 1 Chat…don’t get distracted & miss it!!

th-7Our Tuesday Night Twitter Chat this coming week will be a chance to look at what distracts us from the transformations the Holy Spirit is leading us into while He redeems the broken pieces of our lives. To see distractions as resistance to God’s leading, of Old Testament Biblical proportion , read about Gideon & God in Judges 6-7  We’ll chat about it on #GodsLoveChats, Tuesday, July 1 , 5pmPDT/8pmEDT

2 thoughts on “Distractions …July 1 Chat…don’t get distracted & miss it!!”

  1. I hope I’m awake for that. I did a study on Gideon, I have surgery for that day, I hope I’m not too groggy!

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