Come Sit With God! …Chairs 4 Tanzania Mission

Our Missionaries to Tanzania

Missionaries Jenyo & Bukky Omolehin

Jenyo and Bukky are doing such an awesome job of ministry & inspiring the youth in Tanzania, they have created a growing need for a necessity! The need is for chairs! Yes , they started with 50 chairs, but the youth of Tanzania are being attracted  to their Youth Mission in droves. The fifty chairs are filled and over a hundred are needed right now.  Each chair has a price tag of $10….Yes!Just $10 dollars! We can do this friends! Just buy a chair and you will be a partner with Jenyo & Bukky and God!

These chairs will create an inviting place forTanzanians, many of whom have never heard the Word of God before. So these aren’t just any chairs. They will be the place where young people with huge needs will #ComeSitWithGod ! These chairs will hold lives seeking God for eternity.

Your contribution will not go unnoticed by our gracious God. He is working with Jenyo & Bukky to gather individuals trying to get off drugs, become responsible citizens , and trying to avoiding recruiters from terrorist organizations. Cut out a few snacks this week and you will have saved the money to buy a chair for a young convert to #ComeSitWithGod!

Just click our DONATE button and make your donation right now. Any amount of donation is appreciated. OUR GOAL is to provide 200 chairs. Join us as we all partner with these missionaries to meet the need God is creating! We will keep you informed of progress for this powerful missionary outreach!!

If you prefer, you may also send your donation to

Donate to #ComeSitWithGod

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