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NEW!! @WATCHMANBILL Starts New Chat Topic Today!

th-5Good Day,

Today I, @THEWATCHMAN, will begin a new chat journey. The subject of this chat will be THE LAST DAYS, or as we call them today, THE END TIMES. This chat will most likely take the remainder of this year.

I am writing this introduction so everyone knows the purpose and direction for this chat series. Here’s what I pray will be accomplished in the series:

  1. To study and learn the scriptures related to Last Days;
  2. NOT to attempt to determine when CHRIST will RETURN  (scriptures say no man knows the day nor hour)
  3. Most important, we will let GODS WORD show us what will be the events, people involved, and HIS WILL for these END OF DAYS.(Also we canNOT determine the order of END TIMES EVENTS because some are yet to happen.)

I would like Cheri & her husband, Jeff Douglas, when avaliable to monitor these chats, and help with any disruptions, as people have passionate feelings about this topic. I ask this because there may be some who will want to change the chat direction , and I canNOT allow interruptions to destroy our opportunity to experience GODS WORD SPEAKING to us. This chat is to learn, and see GODS INTENTIONS for these LAST DAYS, as His Word reveals them to us.

I chose the passages for this week so we can learn what to expect from all other scriptures. This will lead us into next week’s chat. I pray discussions will allow each person to understand and, most important, see GODS purpose in all that these END OF DAYS will encompass.

Thank YOU for understanding. We as HIS BODY OF believers, should and really must be guided by THE HOLY SPIRIT, in all we teach, pray and understand.

Please join me in this inspiring journey into the most amazing Words of God!


@WATCHMANBILL                                                                                                         Bill Hays


YOU may join @WATCHMANBILL on Twitter every Friday @GodsLoveChats , 5pmPST/8pmEST

Schedules & How-To’s for Twitter Chats

Twitter-Bird1_1024How to Participate in a Twitter Chat:

  1. Add the hastag beginning with # to each tweet and it will go to the chat stream so all can see it.
  2. Find the chat stream and  see all participants’ tweets by entering the hashtag in a search box, or click on it in someone’s tweet and the chat stream will appear.
  3. You must add the hashtag to every tweet for it to be seen by the chat group.
  4. If you participate in chats from it will add the hastag automaticaly for you.  Just enter it once in the bar at the top of the chat room page.

Tweeting God’s Love Weekly Chat Schedule: