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Cheri Douglas started Tweeting God’s Love in 2009 to lift her spirits and found a ministry, instead, by lifting the spirits of millions of Americans losing jobs and businesses in the recession that ravaged the American economy in 2008-9. What started as simple tweeting of daily prayers and Bible verse inspirations, has grown to a major ministry on Twitter to reach the world with the love of Jesus.

Today, Cheri and many other volunteer leaders from every corner of the World minister on Twitter with God’s Word, Prayers, and Praise 7 days a week. Cheri is just completing a book entitled Tweeting God’s Love to share the joys and sorrows that have all been a part of this amazing adventure, on the frontlines as Twitter has become one of the fastest growing arms of Christian evangelism and ministry in the world today. Cheri’s book is expected to be published in 2Q 2018

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  1. Found your twitts then read your blog on depression every word you wrote was for me I wish I had a printer to print out that page, I have been in depression for sometime know I feel like I am in the valley of dry bones waiting for God to breath back into my soul.

  2. I am still having a hard time getting back into Twitter and walk me though this blog kind of it says it’s free but it’s not .

  3. I am here to anouce that as today Nov.11 I started by registering my hashtag #THEWATCHMAN.
    Also hopefully before then end of next week I will be launching a ministry web site, this I am doing because of THE WATCHMAN CALLING I feel the LORD placed on me for THE END OF DAYS. It will focus on truth and bible principle about events, persons and THE WRATH to come. Also I’ll focus on reaching as many lost souls for THE LORD. when I have it ready it will be called:
    THE WATCHMAN WARRIOR MINISTRY as yet I am not sure what URL i’ll be using as i Have to get college grandson to help. please as one Whod shares GODs love just as Sister Cheri does. Lets blend to prepare this dieing planet for what is truely to come. Also I am trying to sway any ones thinking only present what THE BIBLE says. LOVE, GRACE, PEACE to all who follow @Cheriduglas #GodsLovesChats.

  4. As we close A.D. 2014 I feel something exciting is about to take palce. THE LORD is going to either show something or use different people i different was as HIS GLORY is shown through the saints. as these days of Noe progress on ward i see many more, vilolent days a head prayer and prayer is going to be our biggest work in the coming year.

    Today Iam placing on my heart a prayer for all world leaders and for every child of GOD in this world.

    Shalom and may HIS GRACE & MERCY cove all the believers.

  5. Goodday , today I #THEWATCHMAN will begin a chat journey. The subjct of this chat will be THE LAST DAYS, or as we call them today THE END TIMES. This chat will most likely take the remainder of this year.
    I am writing this comment; so everyone knows the purpose and direction I want to keep this chat series on, heres what I pray will be accomplished in this series.
    1) to study and learn the scriptures,
    2) we will NOT attempt to determine CHRIST RETURN [ scriptures say no man knows the day nor hour]
    3) most important we will let GODS WORD show us what will be the events, people and HIS WILL for these END OF DAYS.[ al so we can NOT determine the order of END TIMES EVENTS cuase some are yet to happen]
    I would like Cheri & her husband when avaliable to monitor these chats, and help with any disruptions[I ask this cause there may be some who will want to change the chat direction I can NOT allow someone INTUERUPT & to distroy our opportunity to see GODS WORD SPEAK]. this chat is to learn, and see GODS INTENTIONS for these LAST DAYS.
    Now the passages chosen for this week, I choose these so we can learn what to espect from all other scrpitures & leads into next weeks chat. the disccssions I pray will allow each person to understand & most important see GODS purpose in all that these END OF DAYS will encompus.
    Thank YOU for understanding, we as HIS BODY OF believers, should and really must be guided by THE HOLY SPIRIT, in all we teach and pray and understand.
    Bill Hays
    Salom for our great KING THE LORD JESUS AND THE FATHER.

  6. Just crated it not too sure hoe it came out other than Lord knows lots of pic’ s from me lol. If you fine me it would be great I know it’s been awhile senile we text but I just went into isolation .

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