#WORLDWIDE BAPTISM on Twitter #GodsPrayerRoom

WORLDWIDE BAPTISM   #GODSPRAYERROOM                                                 October 29th.  1PM-PST/4PM-EST

baptismTherefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the
name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit –               Matthew 28:19

Jesus instructed the disciples to go make disciples, baptizing them. He felt so strongly about this that he even used himself as an example, offering himself for baptism by John the Baptist.

Baptism is our way of making our commitment to Christ public. WE join Christ in His burial as we are submerged under the water and become resurrected with Him as we come up transformed into his likeness.

With all the Christians being persecuted around the World, this is a perfect time to stand and be counted for Jesus Christ. Let our brothers and sisters in Christ SEE they are not alone. Over 90,000 Christians were killed last year by persecuting terrorists.

Tweet your baptism pics  to #GodsPrayerRoom 1pmPDT/4pmEDT on SONday! Let’s see #WorldWideBaptism TREND on Twitter on this  SONday!! YAY!

Some believe that the Holy Spirit fills us at the same time. So be ready for the powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit who loves and transforms us to a blessing for all.


Join us in making a public statement this year with                                                                                                                                                           #WorldWideBaptism on SONday – October 29th                                        Here’s HOW…

  1. Get a team of folks together to be baptized. Choose already baptized disciples/followers of Jesus to do the baptizing.
  2.  Take the team to a river, lake, pool, or any tub of water.
  3.  Have them each tell you how they know Jesus and why they want to be baptized into a life of following Him and turn from sinful habits with His help.
  4. Say a prayer dedicating the baptism as the person’s public commitment & the beginning of their healthy and lifelong walk in service to the Lord Jesus for His glory.
  5.  Dunk them 1 by 1 in the water repeating instructions Jesus gave us in Matthew 28, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
  6. Have a camera person taking pictures of the Baptism.
  7. Begin uploading your baptism pictures or videos to Twitter at 1pmPT/4pmEST on SONday, Otober 29th.
  8. If you have pictures of baptisms that you or your church have conducted on other days, please upload them in the same way on the same day.
  9. Our vision is to have #WorldWideBaptism trend on Twitter that day, showing the world of the powerful faith in followers around the world.

We are so hopeful that you and your friends and neighbors from every corner of the world will join us in baptism. Even if you have been baptized before, you can celebrate your walk with the Lord by a re-commitment! We will retweet your precious pictures to honor you and your public commitment and our Lord and the day He sent His Holy Spirit to every believer.

IMPORTANT                                                                                                                          If time constraints make our timeframes impossible for your Twitter postings, just send your pictures anytime  before or during Baptism Chat on  October 29th, at 1pmPacificDaylightTime to @CheriDouglas. I will tweet them for you into the Twitter trending stream at the right day and time.

May God get the Glory this day!!!



16 Years Ago Today!

America has been pounded by hurricanes and floods in the past few weeks and days. While we pray for all the victims of hurricanes and floods, we also remember the pounding that happened 16 years ago today.. the 911 we will never forget.

We pray today for the nearly 3000 families who lost loved ones as terrorists struck in New Youk City, WashingtonDC, and the plains of Pennsylvania.

Watch the ceremonies in NYC, Washington DC, and  Shanksville, Pennsylvania today.



May God bless and care for all those who lost a loved one                       (or loved ones) on 9/11/01 .